Chapter 3 Selecting Appropriate Analyses

In Progress This section covers how to choose appropriate analyses for any number and type of measurements. Think like, flow chart.


  • Purpose of analysis.
  • Types of variables in data set.
  • Data used in analysis.
  • Assumptions needed; satisfied?
  • Choice of analyses is often arbitrary: consider several


5 independent variables: 3 interval, 1 ordinal, 1 nominal

1 dependent variable: interval

Analysis options

  • Multiple regression: pretend independent ordinal variable is an interval variable use dummy (0 /1) variables for nominal variables
  • Analysis of variance: categorize all independent variables
  • Analysis of covariance: leave variables as is, check assumptions
  • Logistic regression: Categorize dependent variable: high, low
  • Survival analysis: IF dependent variable is time to an event

Unsure? Do several and compare results.