Impact and Outcomes

Insights gained from this collaboration

  • One of the more impactfull insights gained was from observing the increase in the amount of students coming from the LA Area.
    • This means there is an increasing proportion of students who might have a harder time to adjusting to life in Chico than a student from the North State.
    • Chemistry 111 is seeing this increase more so than the average Chico State student.
    • This adjustment is on top of learning how to be a chemist! They have to learn how to be successful in a more adaptive way.
    • This means that all the issues and discussions around campus about how Chico State being a Hispanic Serving institution (Starting Fall 2016), and the difficulties with “belonging syndrome” causing additional stress are going to be more pronounced in Chemistry 111 than in other classes around campus.
    • Chemistry instructors need to know that their classes may be hit harder with these issues, and that they may have to address it explicitly.
  • About 15% of students enrolling in Chemistry 111do not meet the entry level requirements in either Math or English. This could result in an inability to reduce the DFW rate below around 15%, regardless of the redesign.

  • This course redesign was shown to improve the GPA and lower the failure rate for Chemistry 111 after controlling for other student characteristics.
    • But instructors should be cognizant of the impact a redesign can have on the top performing students. What works for the “D” students doesn’t always work with the “A” students.

Faculty Impact

  • This project will benefit the RTP process for Robin Donatello (at least). The grant writing and presentations will be considered under Professional Growth and Achievement.

  • The information gained as part of this analysis process can be used to inform the larger campus Graduation Initiative 2025 conversation around student learning programs. This would count as service to the University.


This work has been/will be presented in the following venues

  • Implementing a flipped classroom and active learning techniques in general chemistry to augment student success at a mid-sized rural university. Poster Presentation at the 253 American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, San Francisco, CA, April 2-6, 2017
  • Examining the effect of a pedagogical change in a high failure rate college science course in the face of a shift demographic student body. Oral Presentation at the Joint Statistical Meetings, Baltimore MD, July 29-August 3, 2017.
  • [In Submission] Oral Presentation at the 23rd Annual Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Conference, Chico, CA, Oct 5-6th, 2017.
  • We plan on writing a paper for the Journal of Chemistry Education discussing and promoting this type of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Creating Community

One of the best outcomes of this project is a strong interdisciplinary connection. Connecting an older, tenured professor in Chemistry with a Junior professor of Statistics benefits both parties, and their respective department and joint college has far reaching benefits.

Sustainability on Chico State campus

Advice & Lessons Learned from a Statisticians Perspective