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Target Audience

Anyone who wants to do their own data analysis! This is a primer to get the complete novice up and running with the basic knowledge of how to use the statistical programming language R for data analysis. Topics include: R programming basics, importing data, properties of tidy data, visualizing data, reproducible research with Markdown and basic data wrangling. Designed to get you up and running with basic knowledge of R and Markdown ASAP. This course is designed as a pre-requisite for most upper division Statistics, and all Data Science courses which use R heavily.

See the syllabus for details about the current class offerings.


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Week 1: Getting started with R and R Studio

πŸ“” Notes :

✏️ Assignments (in order):

  1. Join our Data Camp classroom by using the invite link sent to you by your instructor.
  2. Complete the Data Camp assigned course: Introduction to R
  3. Watch the 1 minute video: β€œWhat is R Markdown?”
  4. Complete the Data Camp assigned course: Working with the R Studio IDE (Part 1), Orientation and Programming only!
  5. Install R and R Studio onto your computer.
  6. Review lec02 notes (done in class day 2)
  7. Complete Homework 1. [HW 1]
    • Submit the .RMD file for this assignment as instructed by the due date.

Week 2: Importing, exploring, managing data using functions.

πŸ“” Notes :

✏️ Assignment [HW 2].

Week 3: Factors and Making pretty pictures to win friends and influence people.

πŸ“” Notes :

✏️ Assignment [HW 3].

This assignment uses data from the nycflights13 package. This data set is on all flights out of the three major airports in NYC from 2013. There are multiple data sets contained within this package. Install this package before you start the homework so that you can access these data sets.

Week 4: Better data management! Better plots!

πŸ“” Notes :

✏️ Assignment [HW 4].

Week 5: Putting it all together: Exploratory Project

Now it’s time to put your new 1337 skillz to the test!

Previous class projects can be seen [here].

✏️ Assignment: Exploratory Data Analysis Project [HTML] [PDF].

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