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Target Audience

Anyone who wants to do their own data analysis! This is a primer to get the complete novice up and running with the basic knowledge of how to use the statistical programming language R for data analysis. Topics include: R programming basics, importing data, properties of tidy data, visualizing data, reproducible research with Markdown and basic data wrangling. Designed to get you up and running with basic knowledge of R and Markdown ASAP. This course is designed as a pre-requisite for most upper division Statistics, and all Data Science courses which use R heavily.

See the syllabus for details about the current class offerings.


Schedule (Spring 18)

Last Updated: 02/20/2018

Week 1 (1/22 - 1/25) Getting started with R and R Studio

  • Day 1: Introduction to the class and R. [01_intro]
  • Assignments Due before Day 2
    • Make a Data Camp account and get connected to our classroom group. please use your email for this
    • Data Camp: Introduction to R - Chapter 1 (Intro to Basics)
    • Watch 1 minute video: “What is R Markdown?
    • Make a folder titled MATH130 on your computer in an easy to find place.
  • Day 2: Reproducible Research using R Studio [02_rstudio]
  • New packages: rmarkdown, knitr
  • Assignments
    • [Lab 1] (Right click and choose save link as. Put into your MATH130 folder)
      • Code files won’t work properly if you run them from your downloads folder.
      • You will submit the .RMD file for this assignment to Blackboard learn by the due date.
    • Data Camp - Introduction to R: Chapter 2 (Vectors), Chapter 3 (Matricies), Chapter 4 (Factors), and Chapter 5 (Data Frames).
      • You can swap between chapter using the Course Outline navigation toolbar at the top middle of the page.

Week 2 (1/29 - 2/1): Importing, exploring, managing data using functions.

  • New packages: readxl (as in read excell)
  • Before class Go to the Data page and download the following data sets: Police Shootings, email, and NCBirths. Put these in your MATH130 folder.
  • Getting data into R and exploring [03_import]

  • Using functions to summarize and manage data [04_functions_recode]
  • In class code [[RAD]] [[ER]]
  • Assignment: [Lab 2]. Check with your instructor for submission details.

Week 3 (2/5 - 2/8): Factors, more data management and grouped summaries.

Week 4 (2/12 - 2/15): Data Visualization

Week 5 (2/19 - 2/22): Exploratory Data Analysis Project

Now it’s time to put your new 1337 skillz to the test in an Exploratory Data Analysis Project

  • Instructions on the assignment and how to do the peer review.
  • Previous class projects can be seen [here].
  • Project due Friday 2/23 (end of day)
    • See instructions for required naming conventions.
    • Upload your final WORD or PDF file [here].
  • Peer Review due Sunday 2/25 (end of day)
  • Score and upload your assigned review [here]. You must log into your gmail account to access this form.