This is the landing page for Math 485 - Advanced Data Science at CSU, Chico. This page is used for posting of weekly announcements and information for students of the class.

This course aims to help students navigate the evolving and murky waters of the Data Science landscape. We do so by not only providing training in advanced programming and technical skills, but also by providing opportunities for collaboration and reflection on how Data Science impacts human socieity. See the Syllabus for more details on the topics covered.


Week 2: Finding your place in the DS world

  • Your first assignment is due by Monday EOD. The peer review starting order is in the #assignments Slack channel.
    • We’ll walk through the peer review via pull request \(PR^2\) in class.
  • Tuesday we’re going to talk about the DDS readings - be prepared to answer the questions written on week 1.
  • Then it’s all about getting your professional webpage started.
  • Start simple. Don’t let choice paralysis hit you.

Week 1: Welcome!

  • Class time will be split between discussion of current topics, and you working on assignments.
  • Often you will be presented with a set of questions to answer while doing the readings, that we will discuss in class. These will be posted on the weekly details.
  • Explore the website, get your system updated if needed, and check the schedule week 1 to see what new programs you’ll need to get and/or update.