This is the landing page for Statistical Methods for Graduate Research course taught by Dr. Robin Donatello. This page is used for posting of regular announcements and information for students of the class.


10/23/17 - Week 10

  • Tuesday - Open work time to finish bivariate analysis
  • Thursday - Moderation. What happens if we throw another variable into the mix?

10/15/17 - Week 9

  • Tuesday - Analysis of categorical data using \(\chi^{2}\) tests
  • Thursday - Correlation and Regression

10/1/17 - Week 8

  • Overarching theme is bivariate analyses.
  • Tuesday is a little bit of recap on how to compare two means and two proportion.
  • Then we launch into comparing multiple means on Thursday with an ANOVA.
  • Still working out of the Open Intro textbook (with associated videos.)
  • MW OH cancelled, extra OH TR @ 2pm

10/1/17 - Week 7

  • As we start our next phase of the class learning about Inferential Statistics, we need to first refresh our understanding about probability.
    • Week 7 overview has been posted and includes reading material and learning videos.
  • An optional Exam error assessment has been posted to Week 6
  • The storage location for your poster prep Google Slides has changed. See project page for details.

9/24/17 - Week 6

  • Schedule has been updated to reflect new poster preparation assignments. Check the Project page for details.
  • Lecture on choosing appropriate analyses on Tuesday.
  • Introduction to the next phase of the project analysis preparation.
  • Midterm on Thursday. Will emphasize correct identification of data, interpretation of univariate and bivariate graphics and use of summary statistics. [Sample Exam]
  • Bivariate graphing assignment - also upload to BBLearn. Makes it easier for me to grade and comment on.
    • My comments are going on your blog posts.

9/18/17 - Week 5

  • You will be exploring relationships between two variables using graphical and summary methods.
  • Tuesday we will talk about grouped summary statistics and how to interpret bivariate graphics.
  • Thursday I am out of town, so it will be an open work day.

9/11/17 - Week 4

  • You will read about the difference between writing a research plan, and writing empirical research.
  • Most of this week will be open work time on graphing and writing your research plan.

9/3/17 - Week 3

  • Visualizing Data!
    • One of the most important things you can do to learn about your variables is to create descriptive plots.
    • We’re going to spend in class time making sure you know how to choose appropriate visualizations and how to read them
    • You will spend outside class time creating these plots.
  • Blogging
    • Don’t forget to review your assigned classmates blog posts. You can check the Peer Review Rotation Google spreadsheet to see your assignments.
    • To help see overlap and for me to help all of us connect variables to RQ’s I have added a Research Topics tab to the above spreadsheet.
      • Look this over so you are aware of what content is stored in here. This helps both you and me make sure you are using the correct variables for your RQ’s.
      • It would help all of us if you could keep your entry up to date as you refine your RQ and list of associated variables.
  • Constructed measurements
    • For those of you analyzing psychosocial measurements such as depression or anxiety, certain AddHealth variables were asked as scales - or a series of questions that must be combined in a specific manner that has been validated.
    • You need to find out how these measurements should be constructed, or at least how other resarchers have used these variables to construct (say) a measure of depression.
    • This could be found by looking at the Add Health documentation (from the website), or during your literature review you will come across other research that has used these measures.
    • Many of you are using similar measures, I suggest getting together and splitting up the work (i.e. 1-2 people look for depression, others look for health/fitness measures etc)

8/27/17 - Week 2

This week we’re going to get our hands dirty with data!

  • Using the depression data set from the textbook, we’re going to learn what types of data preparation steps are common.
  • We’ll practice in class making these changes on the depression data, then you’ll work on your Add Health variables in the same way.
  • On Thursday we’ll talk about doing a literature review and proper citation, and then the rest of the period will be open work time.


  • Office hours have been set. Thank you for contributing! MW 3-4pm, TR 10-11am, and by appointment.
    • OH on Tuesday 8/29 is cancelled. I’m getting my braces off!! :smile:
  • The syllabus has been updated to correctly reflect grade distribution and office hours
  • I have written up instructions regarding how to peer review blog posts. Check the project page (new!) for details and your assignments.
  • The schedule page has been tweaked in attempt to be a little cleaner/easier to read.

8/21/17 - Welcome!

  • This course website is currently being revamped, but be sure to acquaint yourself with the organization. You will be here a lot. Bookmark this page.
  • Specifically click on the schedule link in the top navigation bar to see the daily outline of topics. This will fill in as we go.
    • More importantly that page has links to all the weekly overview notes, materials and assignments