This is the landing page for Statistical Methods for Graduate Research course taught by Dr. Robin Donatello. This page is used for posting of regular announcements and information for students of the class.


9/11/17 - Week 4

  • You will be exploring relationships between two variables using graphical and summary methods.
  • You will also start the work to build your research poster. See the project instructions page for details.

9/11/18 - Week 3

I’ll try to keep lecture this week to 30 min and let you have the rest of the time to work.

Visualizing Data!

  • One of the most important things you can do to learn about your variables is to create descriptive plots.
  • We spent time last week talking about how to choose appropriate visualizations and how to interpret them. You were then supposed to go create those plots on your own.
    • Then I found out that SPSS doesn’t let you use the chart builder on un-prepared data.
  • So the due date for the Univariate graphing assignment has been pushed back to next Monday 9/17.

Preparing your data for analysis.

We’ll talk about how to identify features of data that will need to be changed prior to analysis. We can’t cover them all, nor would you remember them all. This is a place where experience and repetition will be the true learning method. In the meantime, I provide a number of resources to help you identify what to look for.

  • AS notebook chapter 1
  • Data management preparation questions
  • PMAS6 Draft Chapter 3.4
  • PMAS5 Chapter 4 (transformations)

9/04/18 - Week 2 (short week)

Hope everyone had a relaxing 3day weekend. Office hours have been set. Thank you for contributing!

  • Mon 3-4pm
  • Wed 1-2pm
  • Thu 10-11am

Appointments outside these hours can be made by using the appointment booking icon at the bottom of my personal website (link in the top right of this webpage). Unfortunately i’m in/out of town this week at a conference in Sacramento. I won’t be able to make any of my OH this week.

We’ve seen some pitfalls regarding data entry, and practiced reading in data into our SPC. SPSS users need to add information to the collaborative SPSS notes on how to read data into SPSS

Next up is setting up a reproducible research pipeline, choosing some research hypotheses and then we’ll start talking about how to describe distributions of a single variable using summary statistics, tables and plots. We’re going to do this on the “dirty” data because visualization is a really good way to detect any problems in the data.

8/27/18 - Welcome to Fall 18!

  • This course website contains all materials except the textbook for this class. Be sure to familarize yourself with the organization. You will be here a lot. Bookmark this page.
  • Specifically click on and explore items in the top navigation bar.
  • Take this survey to help choose when I should hold Office Hours
  • You have been sent email invitations to your campus email to be added to our Slack workspace, and our Google Drive. If you have not recieved these by the first day of class email me directly.