This is the landing page for Statistical Methods for Graduate Research course taught by Dr. Robin Donatello for Fall 2019.
This page is used for posting of regular announcements and information for students of the class.

12-16-2019 Week 16: Finals Week

Poster Session - Thursday 12/19, 10-12pm Tehama 116.

I am very sorry I cannot make it. Edward Roualdes will supervise and serve as reviewer.

Room Setup

  1. Move the tables and chairs away from 7 monitors in the front half of the room.
  2. Presenters going in the first round each picks a monitor and log into Google Drive
    • You can see what round you are in by looking at the peer review Google Form link below.
    • The keyboards have numbers on them that match a number in the top right of the monitor.
  3. Download your poster as PDF - then Open this file in Adobe
    • This will let you use the touch screen to zoom in and navigate around the PDF in presentation mode.



Office Hours for Finals Week

OH for Finals Week: All hours will be held in Holt 202
- Mon: 9-10am, 2-3pm
- Tue: 10:30-11:30, 8-9pm (Zoom link in Slack) - Wed: 9:30-11am

12-09-2019 Week 15: Poster building!

12-02-2019 Week 14: Model building / Model fit

11-25-2019 Fall Break

Relax, get caught up on sleep.

11-18-2019 Week 13: Generalized Linear Models

11-11-2019 Week 12: Multivariable Regression Modeling

11-04-2019 Week 11: Moderation

Let’s start to explore how a third variable can effect, or change, a pattern or relationship between two variables. This is called moderation, and it introduces a type of analysis called stratification.

We’re also going to continue your personal resarch by applying appropriate statistical analyses to your poster prep slides. (Stage III)

10-28-2019 Week 10: Correlation and Regression Analysis

10-21-2019 Week 9: Inference on multiple groups

The [Applied Stats] notebook is being updated to include separate sections for each bivariate analysis. Read through the relevant chapters prior to class.

Each day will have open work time.

10-14-2019 Week 8: Statistical Inference

10-07-2019 Week 7: Quantifying Uncertainty, Calculating Probabilities

As we start our next phase of the class working on conducting Inferential Statistics, we need to finish learning how to correctly interpret a confidence interval, and how to use known distributions (like the sampling distribution) to calculate probabilities.

Each day for the next 2 weeks we will cover how to analyze a different combination of response & explanatory variables. Don’t wait until the end to do that portion of the HW08. As soon as we cover that topic, do that piece of the HW.

This week you should also be working on your Poster prep stage II: Showcase your data.

We’re still working out of external resources such as



09-30-2019 Week 6: Probability

So far you have been conducting an exploratory data analysis to learn the distributions of your measures, and to assess for any possible relationships in your research. You cannot make any statistical claims about whether or not a relationship is significant at this point. That is under the realm of inferential statistics and will be the topic of the class after Spring break.

To understand why inferential statistics can be used to make valid claims, we have to learn a little bit about Probability first. If you are rusty on your basic statistics and probability, I recommend getting the OpenIntro textbook as a review.

This is a much more mathematical section of the course, so be sure to plan your time accordingly.

Updates I have cxl’d HW 6 (research proposal).

09-23-2019 Week 5: Describing Relationships between two variables

Goals for the week:

  1. Describe the relationship between two variables using all the same descriptive principles you learned to describe a single variable. (HW05, HackMD lecture notes 04)
  2. Start your research poster prep slides. (PPI)


09-16-2019 Week 4: Describing Distributions of Data

I’m alive!

OH Cancelled Monday. Sorry, lot of Drs appts in the upcoming weeks that were scheduled months ago. Additional OH Wednesday at 9am

If there’s one take home message for this week, is to describe the distribution of variables you need:

  1. a picture
  2. summary statistics
  3. a complete sentence interpretation

Re: Homework 03. I will adjusted the grading rubric to downweight the data management portion. We’ll continue to work more on data management this week (and for the next few weeks).

09-09-2019 Week 3: Preparing your data for analysis.

We talked about what a reproducible research pipeline looked like, and started a data management file that imported your research data into your SPC.

This week we’ll talk about how to identify features of data that will need to be changed prior to analysis. We can’t cover them all, nor would you remember them all. This is a place where experience and repetition will be the true learning method. Most importantly, when you figure out how to do a “thing”.. share that “thing” with others by posting the problem & code solution on the collaborative HackMD notes. You’ll thank not only yourself but others later when you come across having to do that “thing” again.. (because it’s never just once.)

09-02-2019: Week 2

Hope everyone had a relaxing 3day weekend. Office hours have been set. Thank you for contributing!

Collaborative Hack MD notes are posted under “Materials” in the nav bar.

Next up is formulating research hypotheses on your selected data, and setting up a reproducible research pipeline to prepare data for analysis.

08-26-2019: Welcome to Fall 19!