This is the landing page for Applied Statistics II. This page is used for posting of regular announcements and information for students of the class.


Week 5 (2/19 - 2/25)

  • No new content this week. Working/practicing your model writing and calculating various classification measurements.
  • Wednesday worksheet: Classifying Glass
  • Friday will be an open project work day.

Week 4 (2/12 - 2/18)

  • Solutions to MLR assignment uploaded to Google Drive. I’ll be working my way through the grading this week.
  • This week – Generalized Linear Models. What to do when your outcome isn’t continuous.
  • We’ll talk about 2 cases, binary and count data. Just how to fit and interpret Logistic and Poisson models.
  • New GLM assignment starting, all reviews for Model building are done by Sunday (tonight) EOD.

Week 3 (2/5 - 2/11)

  • Recap of the process of building a model
  • Team check in - Tell me where you are at and what you are working on this week. How can the class help you make progress?
  • Reminders: Regression assignment due Wed, Model building due Friday.

Week 2 (1/29 - 2/4)

  • The main goal this week is to talk about model building. What to look for, how to compare between models or variables, when to stop.
  • Review the course notes and corresponding textbook chapters,and be prepared to answer the questions in the notebook.
  • You’ll also form project teams on Monday. Be sure to have your preferences submitted to me via Slack DM by Sunday EOD.

Week 1 (1/22 - 1/28): Welcome!

  • Welcome to spring semester in statistics with your host, Dr. Robin Donatello.
  • Make sure you acquaint yourself with this website, it will be your guide for the next 16 weeks.
  • We will use several online tools throughout this class, try to get signed up for all of them before Monday.
    • Look under materials and tools links in the navbar for the list.
    • Update your version of R studio for sure. Update R if you’re running < 3.4.
      • Go to [Tools] –> [Global Options] to check the version of R that R Studio is using.
      • Re-install your commonly used packages.(Can be painful. Esp for Rcpp)
  • If you’ve had me in a class before, you know that there will be typos and broken links on this webpage.
      1. breath, and recognize that I’m human too.
      1. good: tell me then email me (this second step is pretty critical unless you witness me fix the code right then.)
      1. better: open up an Issue in Github
      1. best: fork the repo and submit a PR with the fix!