This is the landing page for Applied Statistical Methods 1 course taught by Dr. Robin Donatello in Fall 2017 (both sections). This landing page is used for posting of regular announcements and information for students of the class.


12/14/17 - Final Exam. 8-10am. Tehama 108

Office Hours for Finals Week

  • Tuesday 2-4pm, Holt 155
  • Wednesday 1-3pm, Holt 202
  • Wednesday 8-9pm, Online Google Hangouts. Over now. Apparently >10 people causes it to crash. I will find another method next time. Much apologies to those who came early but got cut out.

Allowed Exam Materials All exam materials (except course notes) will be turned in with the exam. Make sure your name is on everything.

  • The [OFFICIAL] supplemental information and analyses for the Outlook on Life Survey.
    • Print these pages. Ensure that you understand what models are being fit and how to read the output. You are allowed to write notes on these pages.
    • Be prepared to answer questions about modeling and interpreting these analyses.
  • A calculator
  • Your course notes
  • An additional 1 page of notes

Additional information on this new survey, such as full wording of the question on how the variables were coded can be found in the [codebook] and [survey questionnaire]. Do not bring these to the final. They are for you to use as reference material while you are learning to understand this survey.

Review List This final exam is comprehensive in that everything in this class builds upon previous topics. Here are a list of topics to review. All topics have equal importance, regardless of the time that was spent on each topic during class.

  • Probability
  • Creating and interpreting confidence intervals
  • Assumptions for statistical methods to be valid
  • Generalizability, representativeness, bias, sampling frame
  • Statistical Analysis Procedures:
    • Two-sample T-tests for means and proportions
    • ANOVA and \(\chi^{2}\) for multiple samples
    • Linear and Logistic regression.
  • Identifying confounders, moderators and covariates.
  • Interpreting regression coefficients and making predictions using models.
    • from linear and logistic models
    • using continuous and categorical variables

12/4/17 - Week 15

  • Fill out This google form to provide input as to when I should hold OH during finals week.
  • Poster presentations MW
    • Your poster must be printed and ready for class on Monday.
    • We will randomly choose people to present on Monday, the rest will present on Wednesday. (I can hold your posters in my office until Wednesday.)
  • Build your own exam questions - Due Wednesday

11/27/17 - Week 14

  • All Data Camp and Problem set Blackboard learn quizzes due this Friday. No extensions given.
  • Poster building week! See the project page for instructions.
    • Drafts are due Wednesday, reviews due Friday
    • Suggestions on how to make a nice plot for multivariable models has been added to the project page.
  • Citation information has been updated to Project page (slide 16) on how to cite addhealth, R, and R studio
  • See this abstract for a demonstration on how to describe using the Add Health data set in an analysis.

11/13/17 - Week 13

  • RAT on Logistic Regression - Monday
    • Review the last part of PDS Video 17
    • Read Open Intro 8.4: Intro to Logistic Regression
  • Model building
    • Read Open Intro 8.2: Model Selection
  • Friday Statistics Seminar. Extra credit opportunity.
    • Robert Weiss, UCLA Biostatistics.
    • Talk on comparing the efficacy between two biologic compounds for FDA approval
    • Friday 3:30, refreshments at 3, Holt 175.
  • R Cheat sheets have been added to the FAQ page

11/6/17 - Week 12

  • Identifying confounders
  • Adding and interpreting categorical predictors
  • Poster updates
    • Start testing the relationship for your RQ for moderators and confounders.
    • Homework \(\neq\) poster. Don’t go overboard, but you are likely to need to do additional analyses for your poster.
    • Keep your RQ in mind - focus on answering a single RQ. One outcome.
  • Class Attendance Required: Due to a large number of people missing class lately, for the rest of the semester I will be taking attendance. You cannot work as a team if you don’t bother to show up to class at the same time.
    • We only have a few weeks left in the semester. This is a critical time in your project development.

10/30/17 - Week 11

10/23/17 - Week 10

  • Finishing Bivariate Inference
  • RAT on Linear Regression on Wednesday
  • Open work day on Friday. Finish those assignments!


  • Use Google Slides
  • Peer reviews are assigned per team, each team member is responsible for a review.
    • Teams of 3 need to find another team to review.
    • Write your review direcly in Google Slides as comments.
  • Use the submission link in Blackboard to drop a note saying you are done with your review.
    • Do not upload your presentation to this link

10/15/17 - Week 9

  • This week is all about dat Bivariate inference.
  • RAT on Wednesday (not Monday)
  • BIG assignment! Has multiple parts. Procrastinate and be doomed.
  • Add Health analysis all week. Minimal lecture (<15 min). Must read & watch videos before class.
    • If it is clear you haven’t done the prep work you will get little help from me.
  • Exams returned Wednesday. Error Assessment available

10/6/17 - Week 8

  • Office Hours:
    • Mon, Tue, Thu 2pm in Holt 202
    • Tue, Thu 10am in Holt 155
    • Eduardo should still be in Holt 155 MW at 3pm.
  • Computers will be used Monday & Wednesday.
  • Conducting 1 sample analyses in R.
    • There are data and code files to prep before Monday. Do not wait until class to do this.
  • Upcoming Assignments
    • Research plan outline (10/8)
    • Poster prep stage 1 (10/15)
  • Exam on Friday: Foundations for Inference. Course notes Ch 4-5.

9/28/17 - Week 7

  • Week 7 notes have been posted.
  • An Error assessment assignment has been posted to Week 6:Wed
  • The project page has been completed. Details about the poster prep assignments are linked there.
  • The bivariate graphics assignment has been posted and ready for review.
  • Blackboard learn and the schedule on this website have been cleaned up to remove old/closed assignments.

9/21/17 - Week 6

I have gone through the gradebook and entered in 0’s for missing assignments to date. This is done to provide you a better idea of where you stand grade-wise, going into this exam. Quizzes will remain open available up until the test on the 27th. So if you got a 0 on a Problem set or Data Camp quiz you have time to make up those points. This is also a good way to study for the exam.

  • Monday: Writing your research plan. Make sure you are paying attention to the research question spreadsheet. I’m leaving feedback and questions for you there!
  • Wednesday: Exam 1. The weekly overview has details on how to prepare and a sample exam.
  • Friday: Probability. If it’s been a while since you’ve had stats class you will have to spend some significant time preparing.

9/18/17 - Week 5

  • Recap the DM assignment template/instructions.
  • Univariate graphics assignment due this week. This is a peer reviewed assignment. Example template posted on week 4.
  • Peer review instructions have been added to the project page.
  • Monday we will lecture on how to interpret bivariate comparisons. The rest of the week you will work on creating them.

9/11/17 - Week 4

  • Data Management, Graphing and Research Question Sharing, Oh My!
  • You should have been watching and following along with the PDS videos for about a week now. If you are not, do this ASAP or you will fall behind. Think of these as lecture, and in class as practice time.
  • You Research questions are posted on [THIS GOOGLE SPREADSHEET]
    • You must log in with your email address to view and edit this file.
    • I have copied your RQ’s as stated in your personal codebook assignment, and demonstrated how to take the variables chosen in the codebook, and align them with specific RQ’s.
    • I need you to help finish and/or adjust your entry!
    • This is your opportunity to
      • see what others are doing
      • find out who is using the same variables as you
      • Align your RQ with actual variables in the codebook.
  • The Project information page has been started. The link to the spreadsheet above is the first piece of info there.

9/3/17 - Week 3

  • Have a great three day weekend!
  • We’re going to be learning how to describe the distribution of data using words, summary statistics and appropriate graphics.
  • This is your last chance to get all your R/R Studio bugs resolved. Next week we’re hitting the coding ground hard.
  • Be sure you’re watching the PDS Videos. They contain lecture material directly related to your project.

8/27/17 - Week 2

This week we’re going to be talking about data, doing some data entry and importing data into R. You’ll start to choose specific variables to address your research questions, conduct a literature review, and learn how to properly cite your sources.

Here are the highlights for the week.

  • Monday
    • RAT on data types (CN 2.1)
    • Practice recording raw data and creating a codebook
    • Two (2) Data camp lessons
  • Wednesday
    • Getting the Add Health data into R
    • Start to choose the variables you want to analyze
  • Friday
    • Conducting a literature review
    • Using proper citation styles

Housekeeping * Syllabus has been updated to include office hours: MW: 3-4pm, TR: 10-11am Holt 155 - Tuesday OH this week (8/29) are cancelled. I’m getting my braces off!!! :D

8/20/17 - Week 1

Happy Sunday and welcome to the Fall 2017 semester!

  • Super important video for you to watch on the welcome page in Blackboard Learn. Go watch this asap!
    • On the wait list? Here is a [You Tube] copy of the intro video.
  • I will be adding your emails to Data Camp shortly. You must use the link in the email to join our classroom for credit.

Enjoy the eclipse and I’ll see you soon!